The Search for Perfection

I’ve learned that there is nothing perfect in this imperfect world except your words, for they bring such fantastic freedom into my life.

Psalm 119:96 (TPT)

I’ve always labeled myself as a perfectionist. I’m organized, driven, and I don’t accept anything from myself except the best. In school, at work, and even at home if I don’t rest until I feel that I have fully accomplished my goals. This little habit of mine has caused excessive amounts of stress and because I push myself so hard I don’t often take the time to sit down and rest. God has been working on this with me.

The other morning, as I made myself sit down and rest to have some quiet time with God, I came across this verse in Psalms. The Passion Translation is one of my favorite translations because it gets straight to the point (and uses words that are easy for me to understand). As I read over this verse I felt a weight lift from my shoulders.

Nothing… N O T H I N G… is perfect in this imperfect world except your words.

Nothing in this world even has the ability to be perfect. Even the things we label as perfect ~ perfect grades, perfect bodies, perfect lives ~ they all have their imperfections and flaws. Yet, for some reason, they are still considered perfect in our eyes. We, in all our brokenness, have become so desperate in our search for perfection that we have come up with our own definition for it. This definition creates a standard that is nearly impossible to reach. It sends us running in circles, stressing, and working excessively as we try to attain the title of “perfect”. Somehow, even if we do reach the standard, we are never satisfied.

Perfection cannot be created. It can’t be attained. Perfection is only found in the Father.

Isn’t that such a freeing realization? If nothing is perfect unless it comes from God, then I’m not expected to produce perfection in any area of my life. I can’t and will never be able to. I can relax. I can surrender everything I am stressing about; all my hopes, cares, and dreams; every goal; and all I am to my Father knowing that it is all in perfect hands. I can allow him to produce the perfection and wholeness I long for in my life.

I can stop striving. I can be free.

I can rest in the perfect love of my perfect God. The search for perfection is over. As I relinquish my hold on the things causing me stress, God is giving me fantastic freedom in return.

2 thoughts on “The Search for Perfection

  1. This is beautiful truth, Laurianna, and so freeing, as you mentioned. I love how you said “Perfection cannot be created.” Yes! Perfection cannot be made, only begotten by the Father as his Son, Jesus Christ, who holds our lives with loving hands. ❤

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