If Nothing Else

I made it!! I am currently in Conakry, Guinea on board the Africa Mercy. As a quick update since my last post, I am with Mercy Ships for the next ten(ish) months serving as a volunteer in Reception! I made it to Guinea Sunday evening and have since completed two days of training for my new job. I am in a room with five other girls, but because we are about to go to the Canary Islands for shipyard, many people are leaving, so by next weekend there will only be one other roommate left.

So far I absolutely LOVE it here. I am extremely excited for my job, I love the people I have met so far, I’ve had the chance to see the sunset for the first time over the ocean, my bunk and room are set up and very cozy, and I’m having so much fun! This week, I am looking forward to finishing training, starting my job, and hopefully getting a chance to travel into town to visit the local markets and see a little bit on Guinea before we leave in a couple weeks.

The last month has been hectic, and the last few days have been no different. However, now I am able to breathe a little knowing I made it.

Although I will be staying busy, this year will be a chance for me to rest a little and take time away from the crazy life I am so used to. I am so so so excited to see what God has for me this year.

Over the last month, as I prepared for this trip, I had something going through my head over and over that I just couldn’t stop thinking about. It was simply the phrase:

If nothing else, at least I still have…

Again and again this phrase ran through my head, and I realized something about it. Depending on the day, I would fill in the blank at the end with different things: “at least I still have… food, work, money, family, friends, etc.”

When I realized this, I felt God asking me what it would take for my answer to always be Him.

If I could only choose one thing to have, would I pick something temporary that made me happy that day? Or would I choose the One I could rely on eternally. It’s easy to say “I only need Jesus”, but if I really lost everything, would I actually believe that?

After I thought about this more, I realized I had this deep desire for my answer to be “Jesus” every time. I didn’t want my first thought to be anything except Him. I want my relationship with him to be the top priority in my life – above work, above school, above friends, above family. I want more than anything to be able to confidently say, “if I have nothing else, I know I still have Jesus”.

My prayer for the next couple months as I begin my journey is that during this time I will learn more and more to trust him with everything I have. I have to, because if I don’t, I will not be able to complete this trip. I’m praying for a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him. And, I’m praying that my first thought will always be “Jesus”.

This season is for growth. I am SO excited to see what I learn and who I become. I’m trusting.

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