He Is Good

Usually I have a plan for the topic of my posts several days before I write it (or weeks if I’m lazy), but tonight it’s a little different. Instead, this is just more of an update about how my first week on board Mercy Ships has been.

I am currently working my second night shift for Reception this week (of five) and it is about 2 am. It’s strange sitting here without the noise of people talking, laughing, and walking around the ship. I have much more time on my hands than I am used to and don’t have a bunch of people to talk to, which is a little hard for me. However, I have found that it’s a great opportunity to sit, rest, and especially to spend time with the Lord.

Last week when I boarded the ship, almost all the rooms (including my cabin) were full of people. This week, there are only three people total in my cabin instead of six, and one more will be gone this weekend. We have had over thirty departures this weekend alone, so it has been a bit odd to meet so many people only to say goodbye less than a week later.

However, I have met many incredible people who will be around for a little while yet. God has been so good in this area, and I have had an amazing time getting to know these new people and spending time with them. I’ve really enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, and I love being part of a community where everyone is loved and accepted. Every person here has been so welcoming and has helped me feel like I belong and that I am home.

Learning all about my new job and life on board Mercy Ships has kept me busy, but I have had time to explore Conakry a bit. Visiting the local market was definitely a highlight of my week. I’m hoping I will get the chance to visit a local church before I leave (but if not, in Senegal for sure). Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten pictures, because many places in town don’t allow it, but seeing Conakry has been an eye opening experience. It’s a crazy, different, but beautiful city.

Another highlight was getting to see the sun set over the ocean. Although I have seen a sunrise on the beach before, I hadn’t seen a sunset over the water before. I was able to eat dinner up on the deck and sit and watch as the sky transitioned between beautiful shades of yellow, red, orange, and pink.

Honestly, this whole week has been amazing. I cannot believe I am actually in Africa with Mercy Ships. This has been an actual dream come true, and I am so thankful God guided me towards this opportunity. I am absolutely certain this whole experience will be absolutely life changing. I am SO EXCITED to see what God does over the next year.

He is so good.

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