Today you get to see a bunch of pictures from my adventures this last weekend. You’re welcome.

Friday evening, three friends and I walked around the part of the island referred to as “oldtown”. The streets were gorgeous and we had dinner at a restaurant we somehow found after walking in circles for about an hour.
This was one of the cathedrals in that section of town.
Oh also, I bought a guitar there and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
The next day, another friend joined us, and we rented a car to drive all around the island. This is the view from one of the spots where we stopped.
Stop #2
We stopped for lunch at a beautiful restaurant built in a cave in the side of a mountain. The view was incredibleeeeee.
I got some fish stuff which ended up basically being gourmet fish sticks, but I’m not one to complain about fish sticks.
The best views, though, were at Pica de las Nieves – the highest point on the island.
W.O.W. (also that’s another island in the background.)
I definitely didn’t do some rock climbing in a dress…
It’s okay, though, I didn’t fall.
Obligatory selfie: (left to right: me, Michael, Caleb, Laura, and Philip)
Our final stop of the day was Guayedra beach, one of the black sand beaches, where we had a mini picnic and watched the sunset.
It. Was. Beautiful.
The sunset behind one of the islands in the distance:

Honestly, pictures will never do any of this justice. I know I won’t be forgetting this weekend for a very very long time. I’m so thankful for my awesome friends and our adventures.

Check out more pictures and updates on my Instagram and Facebook page as well!!

(And yes the Title is purposeful- I am slightly lacking the creativity to come up with a better one.)

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