Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Do not be afraid of discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.

Deuteronomy 31:8

We’ve been working through the story of Abraham in Genesis over the last couple months. I went into it a bit closed-minded, thinking I wouldn’t enjoy reading through the same stories I’ve head so many times. I really need to stop doing that when reading the Bible, because every time God shows me such incredible things I never noticed before. He takes a story I’ve heard since early childhood and flips it into this incredible tale that captures my attention and leaves me in awe.

Over the weeks, God has really been reminding me of His incredible faithfulness and what that looks like. As I’ve worked through Genesis, I’ve had the opportunity to read about every promise the Lord made to Abraham through his life, and then see the way the Father fulfilled those promises time and time again. In addition, I’ve seen how God prepared a way for Abraham to reach those promises, no matter the hardships, doubts, or fears that tried to hinder him.

If I had an account of my life like Abraham did, I think I would be awestruck with how the Father has been faithful to me (and will be).

I’ve seen him answer prayer after prayer in the past. He has provided strength, courage, and hope through the toughest parts of my life. Regardless of my decisions, He has stayed by my side and waited for me to turn around and fall into His open arms. He has prepared a path for me in areas that still leave me awestruck. I already have seen Him do so much.

Sometimes it’s so easy to see this and be grateful. But, I think a lot of times, it’s easy to be discouraged in life and lose sight of that. There’s times you don’t see results, life becomes extremely difficult, and you seem to be stuck in something with no way out. It’s so easy to miss the blessings, love, and joy the Father offers us. At times, He feels distant. It’s hard to remember He’s there at all. There are things like this I struggle with on a daily basis. There are things I have been praying for for years, but with what feels like no response.

But Abraham and Sarah waited over 25 years for a son. They were in a place where it was actually impossible to have a child. Sarah even resorted to giving Abraham a servant with the hopes of continuing the family line. It became a situation that seemed completely hopeless. Until God transformed it into an incredible, impossible miracle. God was faithful.

I feel in a lot of ways that I have been very judgmental of Abraham and Sarah in the past as they took matters into their own hands. After all, God did promise them a son, yeah? But this time as I read their story again, I was able to see it from a different perspective. Having a son, and someone to carry on their lineage was a HUGE deal then. It was something that showed value as well. Children were prized. And they had none. They had waited well past the time their bodies were physically capable of producing children. That is such a hopeless place. No wonder they tried to find another option. But God was faithful.

I do that too, in different ways, I think. In times I feel hopeless, I turn to other things. Sometimes it’s to take my mind off what is bothering me as I scroll through social media. Sometimes it’s searching for comfort in other people around me. Sometimes it’s reading or working or filling my schedule to keep myself busy. These are not bad things on their own, but often, I do this in place of turning to God. Instead of coming to him for comfort and love when I feel hopeless, I try to take care of that feeling in my own way. But God is faithful.

We have a loving, patient Father.

He is faithful in fulfilling His promises, yes. He is also faithful to us, remaining with us through every situation we walk through. Even when I can’t see what He’s doing, I do have the opportunity to see Him. What an amazing thing that we have a God that walks alongside us through this crazy life!

Father, thank you for being present and faithful always. Help me to see your faithfulness in every area of my life, and to have confidence in You, knowing you are with me and preparing a way for me wherever I go.

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