Dear Younger Me,

Dear younger me…

Get ready, because God is doing some crazy things in your life.

You don’t understand it yet, but soon you will begin to taste the sweetness of the reality of the Lord’s faithfulness. Over the next days and months and years, you will see more and more clearly each day the ways He has stood beside you through it all. You will slowly begin to grasp the weight and the magnitude of his immense love for you.

You haven’t seen it clearly yet, but soon you will come to recognize the way your weaknesses and shortcomings are simply an outlet for his incredible, awe-striking power. You will see time and time again you are not as strong as you think, but you will also learn you were not meant to be strong on your own. The power, courage, and strength you have is not and never will be your own. You will learn that life is not about strengthening yourself; it is a journey of surrendering to the power of God and allowing it to manifest in you.

You have not experienced it yet, but soon you will watch as the Lord fulfills the desires of your heart in unexpectedly beautiful ways. As you continue forward, you are walking into a beautiful plan and destiny that was written on your heart and prepared for you the moment you were created. You will see Him fulfill longings and desires you are completely unaware of but that your spirit so desperately reaches for.

You have not grasped it yet, but soon you will take a step towards embracing the truth that you are enough. Although the fears of your heart fight that truth now, the Father is slowly beginning to release the grip of that lie on your heart. You will see as you go forward that nothing – no achievement, no failure, nothing you will ever do or say – will change the vastness and depth of his love for you.

You are not fully aware of it yet, but soon you will see how desperately your spirit longs to worship and praise its Creator. As you go through seasons of trial and seasons of joy, the deep desire to sing of his goodness and grace will become like a pressure within your chest which will only find release as you allow it to burst forth in song. It will become your lifeline and place of rest in the storms. Through worship you will come to a place of deep intimacy with the Father you have never reached before.

You will experience. You will love. You will hurt. You will fight. You will sing. You will rest. You will grow. You will cry. You will learn. You will praise. You will stand. You will search. You will adjust. You will change. You will fall. You will laugh. You will struggle. You will long. You will hope. You will wonder. You will bow. You will break. You will breathe. You will live.

And through all of this, God will be with you. He will stand beside you. He will fight for you. He will follow you. He will seek you out. He will forever be faithful and never-changing. And no matter what, He will always be victorious.

Dear younger me, you will learn so many things. You will grow in so many ways. And when you look back on it all, you will only see Him.

Dear future me…

I now see so much I did not understand before. And I know that what I know now is nothing compared to what I will know in the coming days, months, and years. There is so much that has yet to be revealed. There is so much to be discovered.

I pray that as you walk through the coming months, you hold onto hope. That as you press on through these seasons of uncertainty, you keep hoping and waiting for the glory God is revealing. Don’t forget that in time, the same situations that appear full of chaos and hurt will reveal the joy of the Lord.

I pray that as you face the fears that have rooted themselves in your heart, you desperately take hold of the truth and promises of the Father. That your heart knows nothing other than turning to His Word when it is at war. Don’t forget that His Word is your defense and your weapon against the enemy in this battle.

I pray that as you laugh, you understand the power behind the joy that is bursting from your spirit. That as you struggle, you cling tightly to that spring of life from the Father’s own Spirit and allow it to be your strength. Don’t forget the way this joy reveals an encounter and connection between yourself and the Holy Spirit.

I pray as you grow, you root yourself deeply in the love of God. That it becomes the reason and purpose your own heart beats. Don’t forget the more you come to comprehend and rest in the depth and intensity of His love, the more you will reflect Him in all you do.

I pray as you seek, you desperately pursue the Father’s perfect plan for you. That you will be so focused on Him you will never question the direction your feet go, because they will only follow His footsteps. Don’t forget He has already gone before you and prepared a way, and He will faithfully walk with you through the darkest valleys and will be your peace and strength through it all.

Get ready, because He is unveiling His glory and power.

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